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Neon Flakie Gamer Plus10Kapow




I don’t know about you, but I have been playing Animal Crossing every day since it came out. I wanted to do Switch nails but couldn’t be bother with freehanding so I used a 3DS stamp instead. Close enuff!



I used Wikkid Polish Ghosties, Ghoulies and GTFO for my base. Man, I love a good neon green and this beauty is bright, I am so surprised my camera didn’t freak out. Anyway, this is from the new All the Fun of the Fair collection, which you can see here.

Then I topped that with Wikkid Polish Allegiance. Allegiance is a stunning, glow in the dark flakie topper and is part of a new trio of polishes called Cuddle from the Cauldron. I’ll put that collection up on here very soon but if you want to check them out now, pop over to my Instagram.


Neon Flakie Gamer 2 Plus10Kapow


The stamping plate I used for this adorable 3DS image is, yes, of course, it’s the Maniology Gamer Over: High Score M049 plate (get 10% off with code KAPOW10). I love these plates and I am definitely getting my money’s worth out of them. I hope Maniology release some new ones into this collection.


Neon Flakie Gamer 2 Plus10Kapow


If you can’t tell, I twitched twice with this stamp, once with the stamping and applying it to the nail, and then with the topcoat. To fill the 3DS in I used Wikkid Polish Bikini Bombshell and Nail Artisan Cosmetics Flying Saucers for the screens. Then I topped it all off with a coat of Luna Solis Shield Maiden.


Neon Flakie Gamer 2 Plus10Kapow


And yes, I did forget to take a glow in the dark photo of this mani but you can see it glowing here.

If you aren’t the gaming type, what have you been getting up to during lockdown? I sort of feel like my day to day life hasn’t actually changed but because of what’s happening, staying in all the time feels a little claustrophobic and anxiety triggering, so I have been doing a lot of things that take my¬† mind off it.

Hope you are safe and well and following the government guidelines.





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