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See, I told you that neon season had officially started so here are some more beautiful neons for you to fawn over. This collection is the Barry M Hi Vis Neons and they are made to be worn over a white base coat, so don’t forget to grab a bottle of Cotton at the same time as grabbing these ones. I have swatched all polishes from this collection, on their own and over a coat of Cotton to show you exactly how it looks.


Yellow Flash



Yellow Flash is a pretty highlighter yellow colour. On it’s own, 3 coats, no topcoat.




And here it is with one coat over one coat of Barry M Cotton.


Outrageous Orange



Outrageous Orange is a stunning, bright orange neon. This is 3 coats on it’s own with no topcoat.





And here is Outrageous Orange one coat over a coat of Cotton. The shade of orange almost changes to less of a neon but more of a fruity shade.


Coral Blaze



Coral Blaze is a coral leaning pink. This is 3 coats, no topcoat.




And here it is, one coat over Cotton. I’m not sure if I would refer to this one as a neon pink, it’s more of a Barbie pink, but it’s still a pretty, summery shade.


Pink Venom


Pink Venom is your classic, pink highlighter shade. This is 3 coats, no topcoat, and honestly, you could definitely get away with wearing it like this. I am a bit gutted that they did 2 pink shades and would have preferred it if they had swapped Coral Blaze out and done a neon purple.




One coat over Cotton and Pink Venom becomes the perfect, shiny, neon pink. I love this shade.


Blue Shock


Blue Shock is another highlighter shade and this demonstrates one of the issues you’ll encounter if wearing these without some white undies. My nail line looks super dark and that makes it look dirty, and I can tell you honestly, there was no dirt under my nails here.

This is 3 coats, no topcoat.



And over a coat of Cotton, the stunning shade comes to life. Absolutely beautiful blue!


Green Light


The final shade in this collection is Green Light. I wouldn’t personally say that this is a neon green and although it is clearly a different formula, the shade is very close to my favourite and most used green from Barry M, Spring Green. I do get the dark nail line under this colour on it’s own too.

3 coats, no topcoat.



Not going to lie though, I do really like how it looks over a coat of Cotton.


Ok, here is my opinion on these. They are fantastic polishes and the shades are beautiful. But I have no idea why Barry M have released a collection that require white undies when you have indie regularly releasing bright and beautiful neons that are 1-2 coaters and don’t need undies. I can’t see most people taking the effort to do that extra step in their manicure, but if you are willing to then definitely pick up some of these polishes. Oh, and I do really wish they had done a purple instead of 2 pink shades.


These Barry M Hi Vis Neons are £3.99 each online at Barry M or online and instore at Superdrug. Although if planning on buying instore please double check that your store is currently open as are closed due to COVID-19 lockdown and some stores may have altered opening times.


Stay Safe!









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