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The world is a pretty shitty place at the moment. Things are scary and it’s the perfect time to delve into that pile of beautiful, unread books, to escape to a wonderous place full of… well, whatever you want! It’s so important that we take a break from the news and have a moment to breathe, but it’s also super important that we continue to, as best we can, to support our favourite small businesses during this tough time, as most self employed people are getting next to no support right now.


So this photo has 2 of my favourites in, Espionage Cosmetics and DorkFace, but there are so many amazing people to connect with and support out there. Here are just a few: Harty Bakes, Prophecy Girl, Wikkid Polish, Luna Solis Nail Polish, Charlie’s Nail Art, Dystopia Nail Polish, Koldtec, Wild Bangarang, Jordandene, Sartorial Geek, and there are soooo many more. Drop your favourites in the comments. There are many ways to support your favourite artists and businesses, even if you can’t make a purchase, you could donate to their Ko-Fi, or share their stuff on your social media.


Espionage Cosmetics Secrets of the Moor Plus10Kapow


These nail wraps are the Secrets of the Moor set, and I have actually chosen a set that is in stock this time, so you can fall in love with them too.


Espionage Cosmetics Secrets of the Moor Plus10Kapow


They have beautiful copper foil accents that really stand out whether you wear them glossy or matte. i opted to go for matte here by adding a matte topcoat to these glossy beauties.


Espionage Cosmetics Secrets of the Moor Plus10Kapow


Pop over here to grab these Secrets of the Moor wraps. The website is running a little bit funny right now but if you refresh the page it should be fine.


Which books are you going to be hitting first from your unread pile?


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