Barry M Green Origin Spring 2020 new releases

Barry M Green Origin Spring 2020 releases




Barry M released quite a few new polishes for Spring 2020, if you haven’t checked out the Hi Vis collection, go check them out now. But today I want to show you these 4 beautiful Green Origin Nail Paints. I know the lockdown is messing up a lot of things but I recommend either grabbing these online, if you can, or put them on your list for after the lockdown has finished.


Just in case you didn’t know about the Green Origin nail paints: they are 70% natural origin polishes. They are a new, environmentally sensitive, low chemical formulation that is made with natural ingredients like corn, potato and wheat and they dry to a high gloss finish. These polishes are also completely vegan and cruelty free.


So let’s have a look at these 4 new beauties.


Lilac Orchid

Barry M Green Origin Lilac Orchid swatches Plus10Kapow



Lila Orchid is a beautiful, muted lilac.




Barry M Green Origin Cranberry watches Plus10Kapow



Cranberry is a dusty cranberry shade.


These names are pretty apt for the shades, so it’s really difficult to describe them without sounding like an idiot. Just bear with me hahaha.



Barry m Green Origin Charcoal swatches Plus10Kapow



Ok, so Charcoal is more of a medium to light, blue toned gray.


Salt Lake

Barry M Green Origin Salt Lake swatches Plus10Kapow



Salt lake is a gorgeous steel blue.


All 4 polishes have a fantastic formula, which is so close to being a one coater but definitely looks better with 2 thin coats. They dry fast and to a glossy finish. Why not check out the other shades in the collection here, the collection also has a pretty decent basecoat/topcoat.


The Green Origin Nail Paints are £3.99 each and are available from, Superdrug online and instore*.







*some Superdrug stores are currently closed due to COVID-19, please check if your store is open before you head down there, and please only go there if you have essentials to pick up at the same time.

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