Buffy nails using Charlie’s Nail Art nail foil

Buffy nails inspired by Prophecy Girl scarf



How are you all? I am trying so hard to stay motivated right now but truthfully, like most of you, I’m struggling. I have managed to knock out 3 manis this week, one of which is my Supernatural nails that I posted on my Instagram, then these Buffy inspired nails and the 3rd is one that you’ll see soon. You will note that I am back down to shorties. All this extra vigilant hand-washing and hand sanitiser is taking it’s toll on my nails and my skin so the long nails were just too weak to keep them going. And with my current flares ups, it’s probably safer for everyone involved if my nails are short.


Charlie's Nail Art Black Swirl Flower nai foil


The moment I saw this Black Swirl Flower nail foil from Charlie’s Nail Art, it made me think of my gorgeous Buffy infinity scarf from Prophecy Girl. The gorgeous baroque style pattern on the scarf with incredible little Buffy details really stands out, and even though I don’t entirely match and it would have definitely looked better on my long nails, I still love how it looks. And who wouldn’t love some awesome, simple Buffy nails?


Buffy nails


The roll that you get of this foil is 50cm long and 4 cm wide, which honestly gives you loads to work with. You’ll get quite a few manis out of it, especially if you only have shorties or nubs. Loads I tells ya! And it’s only 89p!


Wikkid Polish NOFOMO


The gorgeous base purple I have used here is Wikkid Polish #NOFOMO, which is still available to grab from their webstore. And I used a foil glue from Born Pretty Store. I of course, topped it all off with Seche Vite.



Note to self: don’t use foils with a peel off base coat,, especially with your twitches, or you’ll end up having to do it all over again.


Buffy Inspired nail art


I free-handed the “B” for Buffy symbol, which honestly was a lot harder than it looks. Getting the curve of the B right was such a dick. I used Barry M Cotton for this.


Prophecy Girl isn’t currently selling, but I urge you to grab some of her stuff when/if she opens back up. Follow the Prophecy Girl Instagram to make sure you stay in “the know”.


But in the meantime, Charlie’s Nail Art is still open and selling fantastic nail art for bargain prices and honestly, having pretty nails right now can give you such a little boost that I think lots of us may need. Or if you have kids who would love trying nail art, you could grab a load of stuff for under a tenner and have a fun activity for all of you. I highly recommend Charlie’s glitter mixes, they are all absolutely beautiful. And don’t forget that you can use code CLPK10 for 10% off your order too.


Oh, and Wikkid Polish is still open too, with lots of pretties to choose from.


Please, please remember though:

NHS and medical deliveries are being prioritised, and Royal Mail are already under a lot of strain, so there may be some delays to your items arriving. Please don’t give any small businesses a hard time because your items may take a while longer to arrive, it is not their fault and the whole chain are doing working their hardest right now, please don’t add any extra stress on them.



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