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Madam Glam very kindly sent me this fantastic PR package and as soon as I saw the colours of the gel polishes I was in love!

Loads of us, if we can get the motivation, are doing our own nails at home right now, so gels are sort of perfect. Whack them on and you can cure them quickly and get on with what you’ve got to get done, and you’ll have pretty nails for a while before you have to do them again.


Madam Glam mini led/uv lamp


This mini LED/UV lamp is perfect for travelling and holidays (when can finally get back to having them) or if you just don’t have the space. It’s tiny but big enough to put all 4 fingers under and it folds down flat. It’s about the size of a mobile phone and it weighs less than 60 grams. It comes with a usb cable that at a guess (and keep in mind that I am shit with measurements) is about 1 metre, so it’s a pretty good length.


Madam Glam mini led/ UV lamp


The lamp has a 45 second and a 60 second setting and you do it just by pressing the button once, or twice. The dual wave lights are very soft so are gentle on eyes and skin.


Madam Glam mini led/uv Baby Nest lamp and


I’m still trying to get a hang of the thin coats but if I can do gel manis, anyone can.


Baby Nest

Madam Glam Baby Nest swatch


Look at this shade! It is so pretty. I just can’t resist neons, the brighter the better.

Baby Nest is a gorgeous neon pink. The formula is great and this is 2 thin coats topped with 2 coats of the Madam Glam Top Coat Gel.


Mother Nature

Madam Glam Mother Nature swatch


Another stunning neon! This is Mother Nature, a neon, Irish green. It too has an excellent formula and was perfect in 2 thin coats.I also used 2 coats of the Madam Glam Top Coat Gel.


Of course I also used the Madam Glam Base Coat Gel which is essential for a great mani.


Gel Polish Remover


The Gel Polish Remover was also in the PR package. In the interest of giving it a good test, I gave this a go to see how it worked. I have seen this stuff about everywhere and loads of people are selling their own versions, so I was very interested in finding out about the ingredients and to see if it had any odour or anything.


Madam Glam Gel Polish remover


The first nail I tried it on didn’t do much and I waited the 5 minutes I was supposed to. So I gave it another go.



This time I tried it on 2 nails, the first one I buffed the surface then applied it and the second one I just applied it as normal. I got more of a reaction now and definitely more on the buffed nail. They both went a bit bubbly and bulbous and shrunk away from the edges. They also pushed straight off the nail after the 5 minute wait. I didn’t notice any odour but didn’t want to get too close and sniff.


Ok, so it works, but let’s talk about the ingredients for a moment. There are only 3 listed but I looked at 1, 1, 3, 3-Tetramethylguanidine first. This is an organic compound but don’t let that trick you into thinking it is safe. You should not get this on your skin, near your eyes, or breathe it in. Then I looked at Sodium metasilicate, which again can cause burns to skin, eyes and you should not breathe in the fumes of this either. Both of these show up as a dangerous chemicals when you search for them.

Obviously Madam Glam have done their due diligence with their products and have only safe quantities in it, but my skin is very sensitive so this is probably not a product that I will use regularly as with my twitches and tremors it would be way too easy to get it on my skin.But it does work and may be a better option than soaking your hands in acetone to get the gel off.


Pop over to check out all of the Madam Glam gel polishes and while you’re shopping with them, Madam Glam have kindly given me a code for you all, use code Chrissie30 and get a whopping 30% off your order!


Hope you are all staying safe and well






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