Kappa Nails using Charlie’s Nail Art Sexy Lady Sequins


I recently placed an order with Charlie’s Nail Art for a load of stuff, but when I saw these sexy lady sequins on the website, I knew INSTANTLY what needed to be done.


Charlie's Nail Art Sexy Lady sequins


You get a 3 gram bag, which sounds small but is actually loads, as you can see here. And it looks like some of them might have little holographic bits on them but none of the ones I picked out did.


Kappa nails


In the 90’s Kappa was all the rage, Mel C used to wear them a lot too if I remember rightly but you could almost guarantee that everyone owned at least one pair of Kappa bottoms. And is it just me or does red, white and blue sportswear scream 90’s?


Kappa nails


I wish my nails were longer right now so I could get more of the sequins on them and I sort of wish I had done this with gel instead of regular polish. I struggled to get the sequins to bend and stick down and think it would look better if it was fully encased and laying flat, I used like 3 coats of Seche in the end, but I still love how these turned out.


Polishes used: Barry M Cotton

Barry M Siren

Barry M Night Sky

Barry M Black Forest

Seche Vite


Stamping Plate used for lettering: Lantern & Wren Flight of Fantasy


You can grab these sexy ladies sequins here for only 99p and do your own version of Kappa nails, don’t forget to tag me if you do. Oh and you can use code CLPK10 to get 10% off your Charlie’s Nail Art orders.


Have an awesome day


Author: Chrissie

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