My-Dear Thermal Polish 007 from Born Pretty Store

I have never tried a thermal polish before, this is my first one and I lurve it. This is 007 from the My-Dear polish range at Born Pretty Store.
The formula for this is really nice and I was shocked at that because when this polish arrived, the lid wasn’t tight and some polish had spilled out and hardened around the cap so I did worry that it might have affected the polish consistency but it was still beautiful and easy to apply, although it did take 3 coats to get rid of all patchiness.
It dried quickly and finished to a smooth and shiny finish. All photos show 3 coats with one coat of Seche Vite, which did not affect the thermal colour change.
In the bottle, in it’s ‘cold’ state, it is a pretty, medium, lavender purple which has a nice blue tone to it. 

In it’s ‘hot’ state, it becomes this gorgeous turquoise shade. 
There is water all over my nails for these 2 colour change photos because I used the dipping method to get these photos. Fun fact: it’s a good idea to check the temperature of the warm/boiling freaking hot water before dipping your fingers in, this may prevent burnt fingers.
I really love the gradient effect it naturally had on my nails, turquoise where my nail was attached (body heat) and purple on the open end of my nails that are longer than my fingers. This is lazy nail art at it’s absolute simplest and I love it.
Removal was easy and the polish came off the nail just like any other normal polish and although I saw no signs of stainage, I still recommend wearing a good base coat with this polish.
You can find the My-Dear Thermal Polish range here on Born Pretty Store for £3.91/$5.99. There are 8 colours currently available. 
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Author: Chrissie

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