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When I saw these boots, my first thought was ‘Lookilike of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots‘ and for those of us that just can’t stretch to the £120 odd, these boots from are great at only £9.80.
The boots are Black Suede lace ups with a purple toned burgundy chunky heel. The heel is 4.3 inches high and the boot has a concealed platform of 1.5 inches.
Now you would think, at a tenner, these boots would show their price but they just don’t. They’re pretty sturdy and I have put them through the motions to test it. I gave the heel a good few tugs and got not movement. I’ve walked around in them, caught the heel on things, tripped and fallen over (that was not intentional but it happened because I’m a klutz). Pixel has had a good old roll around with them and there are not falling apart at all.

Going back to me being a complete klutz, I do fall over, I’m about as steady as a baby giraffe,
and one of the things I always notice on cheaper shoes, is that they seem to not put any grip on the bottom. I’ve had numerous pairs of shoes and boots that whenever you try to walk in them you nearly break your neck sliding everywhere because they didn’t put any grip on it.
Not the case on these, as you can see in the picture above, there is crosshatch grip on the heel, then the front part has kind of a rubber plastic grip in 2 parts. the main part of the base has a wavy lined grip and the front part has a different type to give that extra grip as you take your steps.
This was a huge plus for me, yes I fell over in them, but I didn’t slide then fall, I tripped which is a completely different issue and relates back to my likeness to a baby giraffe.

This is the best picture I could get with me wearing them. Is it just me or do my ankles look huge? Having walked around in them as much as I physically could, I can honestly say that these are surprisingly comfortable. 
As the company is based in Hong Kong, I guesstimated that their sizes would run a bit on the small side, so size wise, I went for a 39 (UK size 6) which fits perfectly. I should point out that I am a size 5, that might be helpful information for you to know at this point. So if shopping on SammyDress for shoes, I recommend looking for a size up from yours.
There is only one downside that I feel the need to tell you about and it isn’t a permanent thing.
When the boots arrived and I took them out of the box, they had quite a strong plasticy/ factory smell to them. Hubs said it remind him of walking around the market. A few days of airing out next to an open window and the smell has gone, unless of course you put your nose onto the material and sniff like a madman, but it has gone, so if you were to buy these, don’t let that instantly put you off. I’m sure there is probably a spray you can get for suede shoes, but this is my first ever pair of suede shoes and i didn’t want to risk spraying them with anything, luckily the natural way worked.
These boots are a bargain and are well worth £9.80, there are no defects on them and I would even go as far as saying that they are of a much higher quality than shoes and boots from places like Shoe Zone.
You can buy these boots here, they currently only have them in size 36 for Black or in size 38 for Camel. They have other versions on the site e.g patent leather but they also have thousands of other beautiful shoes and boots for really low prices, its a shoe lovers heaven. Go on, have a browse, you know you want to.
*The boots in this post were sent to me for review, everything else mentioned was purchased by myself. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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