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So this is the second month we have been with Loot Crate and I’m even more impressed with them this month. Not only is the overall all theme of the box pretty freakin’ epic but the postage this month was even faster. 2 DAYS, that’s all it took to get from the US to the UK. I swoon at this achievement mainly because the whole postage system within the UK sucks big time.
But the swoonage is not what you are here for though is it? I’m guessing you’ll want to see what was in this months box, well here ya go then.
The theme of this months box is Titan which is a mix between Titanfall and Attack on Titan, they also threw in some St Patricks Day candy. I love candy/sweets so woooo, plus we all love a little added extra.

Here is a little mash up of the product pages from the magazine. I love the fact that on the back of the magazine it says ‘Team Loot Crate (we love you)’ that’s a really nice touch, I don’t know if this was on the back of the last magazine, I might have to have a little look and see.

Here is a little close up of the cover of the magazine, it is some pretty awesome artwork and if you like this then check out their imgur image of an extended version which could be used as a wallpaper.
The first item in the box is an exclusive, 

Titanfall t-shirt (Respawn Entertainment & EA).
This Titanfall shirt cannot be found anywhere else. Based on the shirt that was previously only available to the development team, this comfy piece features the Titanfall logo and pilot within a Titan. We think it makes for a great design for any gamer or geek.
Here is a close up of the full design. 
This is another t-shirt that Hubs seems to have gotten dibs on, for now anyway. 

Attack on Titan Manga:1 (Kodansha USA Publishing & Random House)
Not familiar with Attack on Titan or only had a chance to watch the Japanese language series? We’ve included the manga that started it all. While it’s read in reverse like all Japanese literature, it’s in English and full of lots of bonus content not seen in the series.

I was informed by Hubs that the book is not back to front but that this is the way that all Japanese Manga books are. I’ve never really been into manga before but I think i might try and read this book to see how I get on with it.
Titanfall C101 Lanyard  (Respawn Entertainment & Loot Crate Labs)
We worked on this design ourselves, based on the official C101 custom versions of the console and controller. We knew you’d love this futuristic design- we typically use our own lanyards at shows, for badges around the office ad more. Wear it with pride, pilot!

We have loads of lanyards about the house, you could say that at one point we were collecting them (yeah I know, we’re strange), this one is lush and will happily be added to our collection.
Attack on Titan- Scouting Regiment Wristband (GE Animation)
Wear your Scouting Regiment wristband and like those brave ones who venture beyond the walls, think of yourselves as the proud looters who are on the front lines with us, seeking out the best geek and gamer gear.

I bagsied this straight away. It is all kinds of awesome. Basically, it is a sweatband. The wristband itself is a brown towel like material with an embroidered patch on one side.

Attack on Titanfall Magnet (Loot Crate Labs)
You asked for another magnet, so we’ve delivered. Here we’ve taken Team Loot Crate member Zacks awesome cover art and turned it into a magnet you can put on display! Show your looter pride and appreciation for ‘Attack on Titanfall’ by attaching this epic collectible inside your Titan cockpit, on the side of your three dimensional maneuver gear, or on your refrigerator.

You can’t really argue, the artwork this month is fantastic. The magnet is of course, already on my fridge. It went on straight away and will never leave it. ever.
Titanfall Premium Strategy eGuide (Prima Games)
We’ve worked with Prima Games to provide you with the PREMIUM version of their eGuide. We’ve also included a few tips and hints straight from the guide on page 8. Let Prima games give you a headstart and help you dominate on the battlefield!

Hubs had already redeemed this code before I’d had a chance to see what was in the box, he was on it like Sonic. 

Loot Crate: Titan Collectible Pin Badge
As always, we have the collectible pin badge, this time showing a black and white version of the Attack on Titanfall artwork.
As you know, me and Hubs basically share our Loot Crate each month and we divide it based on who likes what. Even though most of this months box was more something that he would want, it doesn’t sway me on the fact that Loot Crate is awesome. Again the amount that we paid has been more than exceeded by the value of the items in the box. 
If you like the idea of receiving a box full of nerdiness every month then I urge you, nay, order you to go and sign up now, which you can do by clicking here, this is my referral link so if you would rather not go through the referral link you can click here to go direct.
I also recommend following Loot Crate on Twitter or Loot Crate on Facebook, you can pick up hints from them about what will be in the next box, they also do some nerdtastic giveaways which you might want to be a part of, if your not in it, you can’t win it.
They’ve said next months box is going to be a bit more varied and now I can’t wait. 
Do you know of any similar nerdy box subscriptions?

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