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Ah yes, Loot Crate day is upon us once again, I do love me some Loot Crate. This month as you have likely deduced the theme is Galactic. The artwork as usual is fab.

I especially loved this little bit on the first page. This month was another great box and even though I am not a fan of most of the TV Shows/Movies featured in this box, the actual items themselves were still awesome and will still have a place in my Nerd Corner. I do give ‘mad props’ (oh yeah, I’m one of the ‘cool’ kids) to Loot Crate, even with that fact, I can appreciate how great the items are and how a true fan of these shows would be pretty stoked with this box. The items are still pretty funky though.
So I’m going to show you this months collectable pin badge, using the art from the magazine cover seems to be the norm now, I don’t think it was when I signed up at the beginning of the year but I can’t be 100%.
I’ve popped a jump in because this post is quite long, click the jump to see what was in the box.

Quantum Mechanix Star trek Tribble – Exclusive Looter Edition: Look, everyone tried to tell Uhura that these were bad news when Cyrano brought Tribbles to the Enterprise in the Original Star Trek series. Did they Listen? No way! Don’t worry, these little guys won’t multiply or poison your grain.

I’m not a Star Trek fan tbh. I have watched most of them and would sit there with it on the TV if nothing else was on but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. However, this Tribble is awesome, yes it’s just a big ball of fur but that makes it even better. The label on the box says ‘This Tribble was bred exclusively for Loot Crate. It’s colour and package are unique and only available to Looters‘ You have probably read this from me before, but I love an exclusive. They are available to buy elsewhere but as it says, the package design and colour are exclusives. On QMX Online the Tribble is a darker brown.

Funko & 20th Century Fox Alien Re-Action Figure: Relive the stomach-churning terror of that fateful day when the galaxy’s most horrific xenomorph laid waste to Earth’s ill-fated space truckers. The heroic Ripley. The overly-curious Kane. The self-sacrificing Dallas. They’re all here, ready to go head-to-head in the comfort and safety of your own home.
I apologise for the terrible picture of the figure, I have been told by the Man that I am not allowed to open the packaging on this one. So for now, it shall remain sealed. Again, I’ll watch the Alien films but I’m not that interested. The Man was happy though, he loved it.

Funko Firefly Vinyl ‘Mal’ Exclusive Action Figure (Mystery Minis): ‘We’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.’- Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of the Serenity, a Firefly-class ship that is ready for anything. Seriously. Need a soldier? You got it. Gun for hire? Done. Need a comforting hand in times of need? Okay, that may take some work.

Ok, time for a confession, and I feel like this makes me a bad nerd, but, I have never watched Firefly ever, not once. Well, i tried a bit of the first episode one, and I was bored, maybe I should have given it more time and that’s on me but I’m just not in that kind of a place yet. Plus, I’m not that fond of Nathan Fillion as an actor. 
So, confession over, the figure is actually pretty funky. You can’t really go wrong with Funko figures regardless of the series. This figure is from the Science Fiction Mystery Minis range and looking on the back of the box:
There are loads on there that I would love to have in my collection.
Quantum Mechanix Firefly- Bank Robbery Money: Whether it’s Credits or Platinum, you’ve got to have money to get around in Firefly’s Union of Allied Planets. Maybe you need medicine, or perhaps, you need to buy passage on a hunk-of-junk ship with a ragtag crew!

Yep, another Firefly item, but I can appreciate receiving some of the currency from a well loved TV show. Still a great item and there are loads of things you could do with this, someone has already made an Origami Serenity, I saw it on Instagram but I can’t find it now.

Loot Crate Labs & LucasFilm LTD- Star Wars Exclusive Retro Arcade Magnet: Here is an item that harkens back to the day before Mass Effect. Destiny, and Halo. Check out this killer magnet that will feel like a bit of a spacey nostalgia every time you go in your fridge.
Star Wars, Retro Arcade and Exclusive, need I say more. Yes, you’re right, I probably should. 
We’re building up quite a collection of Looter magnets now, the fridge is starting to look very sexual, I’m kidding, or am I? Yeah I’m kidding. The magnet is great though and the first item out of the box for something I am actually a fan of. 
Then there is this!
Lucasfilm Ltd.- Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Door Poster 9×27: Nothing makes the heart beat faster than seeing Han Solo encased in carbonite for what could be all eternity. Pin it to your wall! Keep the memory of Han Solo alive by hanging it in your own personal space.

OMG, OMG, OMG. This is awesome. My favourite item from this months Crate by far. It might not be the biggest poster in the world but I have wanted a Han Solo in Carbonite poster for ages and they are one of those things where I just can’t justify the price they’re asking for it when it is in fact just a poster, so I am really happy to get this.

Dark Horse Comics- Halo Escalation #1-3 Digital Edition Comics: Sure, they say everybody wants to rule the world, but there’s an entire galaxy out there. Check out Dark Horse Comics’ incredible Halo Escalation comics with these digital codes to get your first taste here.

Comics are great, free decent comics are even better, although these Halo comics have already been nabbed by the Man. These digital extras are always great and I would think they are a good way to get into comics for those looters that don’t really read them.

Pop Rocks Green Apple Pop Rocks: Carbonated candy that crackles and pops on your tongue and will absolutely NOT kill you if combined with your favourite fizzy drink. Toss a packet of these little poppin’ asteroids back and experience some nostalgia.
Free candy, nuff said! nom.
So like I said, not a lot of the products in this months box were something I would personally fangirl over, but that isn’t me saying the box was crap this month, because it was far from it. There were 8 items included, 9 if you include the pin badge, which I always do. 3 of the items are Looter exclusives and all of the items were of great quality and expertly curated by the team at Loot Crate. Colour me impressed again this month, I doff my nerdy cap to them.
If you still haven’t signed up to this awesome box of awesomeness that can only be described by multiple uses of the word awesome, then I can only imagine your area has been overtaken by an extreme race of aliens hell bent on taking over the world starting by stealing all your money and wits, but if you are safe from extra terrestrials and are ready to commit to a stupendous relationship, click here, dooo it, doooooooo it, go on, you know you want to!
Oh and if you are a fan of Firefly and Serenity, don’t forget to check out The Verse, a Firefly Fan Film, made by fans, for fans. Click the image to go to the film.

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