Loot Crate: Invasion

This Loot Crate marks my 24th crate which makes it 2 full years of Loot and this crate couldn’t have been any more perfect for this looterversary! The theme for the January crate was Invasion, already excited, because that blatantly meant sci-fi stuff, then they said there was going to be a Fifth Element item, excitement escalated to excited dribbling. Loot Crate nailed the start of the year and don’t forget, there are new enamel pins and a guaranteed tee in every crate.
Do you wanna see what we got? Do you? Of course you do! here ya go:

EXCLUSIVE: X-Files The Day Has Come T-shirt (Threadless)
‘The FBI’s most wanted t-shirt can only be found in your Loot Crate! The result of a design contest collaboration with Loot Crate and Threadless, the winning submission is by the artist known as ‘nicebleed’ and celebrates the return of The X-Files to network television. Remember, the truth may be out there, but it’s also in this month’s Loot Crate!’
Were you as excited as I was about the return of X-Files? I love X-Files, we have re-watched older season multiple times over the last 10 years and it’s always a show I can go back to, plus, Mulder was such a fox hahaha. This new season has been pretty good so far imo, although being honest, Gillian Anderson’s acting seems really forced and almost like she is overacting, David Duchovny seems to have just slipped straight back into the role perfectly. I love this t-shirt and it is easily one of my most favourite t-shirts.

EXCLUSIVE: ALIEN Facehugger Plush (Kidrobot)
‘Invading movie theaters 30 years ago, ALIENS has a fanbase that has multiplied faster than the Xenomorphs themselves! While the big screen facehugger wasn’t all that friendly, or cuddly, new plush version has a somewhat mellower disposition. Includes our elastic ‘Facehugger Band’ for those of you wanting to re-create some movie memories of your own.’

Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Mrmph mmmrpph mmmrrrmph…
Just Kidding. Isn’t this little guy adorable? Ya know, adorable in a facehugging, implanting, death bringer kind of way! This is a really well made plush and is structured but the ‘fur’ is very soft. I have already caught Kylo trying to steal it several times.

EXCLUSIVE: Space Invaders Vinyl Figure (A Crowded Coop)
‘Here at Loot Crate, we never stop innovating. We took a classic two-dimensional shooter game and… zap!… re-imagined it as a three-dimensional vinyl figure! Invading your crate in one of three cool colour combinations. you’ll want to collect them all!’
This is a cool little figure, we love retro game stuff in this household so anything like this is more than welcome. He is transparent with tint colours so looks really cool with a little glowing light behind him.

EXCLUSIVE: The Fifth Element Prop Replica Multi Pass (Quantum Mechanix)
‘Well, if that jolly bearded guy in the red suit failed to deliver this past holiday, we’ve got one more present you’re sure to love: a never-before-offered, officially licensed prop replica of Leeloo Dallas’ Multi Pass from one of our favourite sci-fi flicks, The Fifth Element. Authentic in it’s detail, the card holder is fully functional letting you swap out your own credit card sized I.D. Includes a handy chain so that you can clip it to bags and backpacks and take it wherever you go.’
OMG!OMG!OMG! This is the best item from this month’s crate, without doubt. My dribbly excitement was more than justified! You all know I love The Fifth Element (see my nails here) and I have wanted a Multi Pass for sooooooo long. It’s so badass, I was giddy af when I saw it.
It is a well made replica and has a little bit of weight to it. Most I.D. types or bank cards or even library cards would fit into this.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘INVASION’ Mini Art Prints (Quantum Mechanix)
‘As we ring in the new year, Loot Crate salutes a couple of time honoured oldies with these awesome 9″ x 6″ art prints. Featuring movie one-sheet art from 1951’s The Day The Earth Stood Still and 1953’s The War of the Worlds, the stunning invasion-themed designs represent a cinematic pinnacle from the Atomic Era.’
These are both lush, I love the art style of old sci-fi posters and these would look awesome on any fan’s walls. Finding the perfect frames seems to be my only issue.

EXCLUSIVE: X-Files LED Flashlight (Loot Crate Labs)
‘Scully & Mulder might’ve solved a few more cases had they been carrying this super strong, high-projector beam LED flashlight! Water- resistant with an anti shock switch, it’s officially licensed and helps you re-enact your favourite show scenes or lead your very own alien investigations. And guess what… we’ve even thrown in the batteries!’
Yes! They included the batteries. This is a fun little addition to the crate this month. I did just buy the exact same torch, plain silver with no branding but otherwise is the exact torch, from Poundland for dog walks but now we have a torch each, this one is mine obviously.

EXCLUSIVE: Jan 2016 Pin
‘Beginning this month, you’ll see a new and improved, cloisonne style collector pin in every crate! Each pin unlocks something epic!’
I love this pin and I can tell already that the new pins are all going to be amazing, sadly I am still on only 23 of the old pins (curse you odd number) the January 2014 pin seems to be highly elusive. This months pin unlocked a digital Letter 44 Issue #1 on Comixology, free comics rock so yay. 
Oh, and when you turn the box inside out, it turns into a really cool arcade machine!
Every single item in this month’s crate was an exclusive, that’s 7 (8 if you count the pin badge) that can’t be found anywhere else and are all awesome as frak! 
What did you think of Loot Crate this month? If you are as excited about this year of loot as much as I am but haven’t signed up yet, go do it now, here, click here now, don’t miss out on anymore!
The Loot is out there!

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