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Espionage Cosmetics Helpful Companion Plus10Kapow



Ah, it feels so good to have wraps back on my nails. It feels like it’s been years since I have done it and I am finally getting over my little blip of motivation loss, I’m feeling much more productive this last week and have been working away on bashing out some of my review stuff, ,I just have to edit the photos, which tbh is the worst bit but I am on it! This weekend I went with these adorable Espionage Cosmetics Zelda themed, Helpful Companion wraps, because who doesn’t need a little assistance getting through the days?!


Espionage Cosmetics Helpful Companion wraps Plus10kapow


These wraps feature the Fairies from The Legend of Zelda and have glittery accents all over.


Espionage Cosmetics Helpful Companion Plus10Kapow


See, look at how pretty the glitters are!


Espionage Cosmetics Helpful Companion Plus10Kapow


As usual these applied easy as pie and were easy to shape using just an emery board. I topped them off with my usual wrap topcoat, Barry M Plumpy topcoat and got no shrinkage, with 2 coats being the perfect amount of coverage.


Espionage Cosmetics Helpful Companion Plus10Kapow


Oh, and did I mention that they glow in the dark? Because they do and the glow is strong with these ones! Even straight out of the packet.

Helpful Companion debuted in The Court of Fairies Nail Mail Monthly and they are sold out on the website but you can pop over here to the Espionage Cosmetics website to enter your email address and be notified if/when they come back in stock. And why not check out the rest of the shop, they have so many pretty awesome nail wrap sets that need to be owned! And if you buy over $25 worth of goodies, don’t forget to use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off your order total.


What games have you been playing this weekend? Any Legend of Zelda gameplay happening?


Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Espionage Cosmetics Helpful Companion

  1. Pffft I am so not a fan of Zelda – I really could not play that game and found Link a pain in the ass!!!!

    BUT your nails are lovely, especially the glitter and glow in the dark is a winner!

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